Good Nutrition is the Foundation of Health & overall Wellness. Let me help you be your best self… 


If you have extended health benefits which include a wellness package, you may be able to submit receipts for reimbursement. Please check with your individual providers for more information.


INITIAL CONSULTATION free-fitness-consultation

The Initial Consultation is for individuals who have specific wellness concerns and/or are interested in discovering ways to improve their diet & lifestyle via nutritional and supplemental adjustments. 
Upon purchase, client will be emailed an assessment booklet in which they are to complete IN FULL and return to the nutritionist for evaluation. Once evaluation is complete, client and nutritionist will proceed with consultation either in person, via phone, email or Skype.
This consultation includes:
◦    Review of current diet / lifestyle and their connection to wellness concerns and symptoms 
◦   List of 2-3 body systems most out of balance and their relation to main complaint(s)
◦    Goals and plan of action
◦    Email to review plan and book follow-up consultation if necessary
After the initial consultation, Nikki will provide a personalized plan outlining detailed dietary, lifestyle, psycho-spiritual and supplementation recommendations. This approach is designed to bring the body back to balance, and focuses on client’s main wellness concerns and goals to be addressed over follow-up visits. It also includes initial meal plan outline and recipes (if needed).

 Purchase of Assessment Booklet / Initial Consultation | $100.00


Consulting Services are available via email, phone-call or skype
click HERE to email the nutritionist directly.



These consultations are available to those who have completed the initial consult and are still in need of further guidance.
The follow-up consultation(s) include:
◦    Review of current condition and progress
◦    More in-depth look at body system imbalances and other applicable sub-system concerns visible to nutritionist
◦    Further nutritional, supplemental & psycho-spiritual recommendations to promote system stasis
◦    Follow up email to review plan

Follow-Up Consultation | $50 



This package is great for anyone wanting to kick-start their nutrition and get on the right track. It is designed to give clients the tools and education to help design their long term nutritional needs. 
It Includes:
◦    Initial consult as above
◦    2 follow up consults
◦    Direct email access to the nutritionist for 30 days after follow up consult

 Package Deals | $175     




The lifestyle coaching service is for individuals who are interested in removing most or all animal products from their diet, but aren’t sure where to start, and how to keep it going. Vegan coaching (also available) is a coaching service for individuals interested in removing all animal products from their diet, as well as learning how to replace household items, clothing, shoes, beauty products with those that are cruelty-free. With this service, you will receive a 30 minute consultation over the phone, as well a follow-up question and answer exchange via email, a list of plant-based substitutes for your every day food items, & a sample meal plan.

Initial Coaching Session | $77.50    


 Subsequent Coaching Session | $50.00



With this service, you will receive a personalized IMF program focusing on eating and fasting on a schedule that works for YOU. This is a sure-fire way to jump start your metabolism by way of digestive health. You will Beat That Bloat. You can lose weight if you wish! You will sleep better. Your blood sugar will regulate. You will feel energized and alive! You will gain confidence. You will see results.

All Services Specializing In (but not limited to) Plant Based & Sports Nutrition


Detailed Meal Plans |  $50 each    paynow

Need help determining what to make for the week and how to shop for your meals? Let Nikki help with a 5 day tailored meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas complete with fun easy recipes that will meet your nutritional needs. This package is for those who have completed one initial consultation. 


Kitchen Clean Up | $75   paynow

Wondering how your kitchen cupboards are doing nutritionally? Need a bit of guidance to help you build a solid nutritional base in your home? Let Nikki help! She will come to your home and help you determine which foods in your pantry are nutritious and which should be replaced by healthier options.  Based on your needs a shopping list will be provided, basic nutrition and label reading will be covered, meal, snack ideas will be discussed, and recipes will be provided.


Grocery Store Tours | $45  paynow

Grocery shopping can be daunting at the best of times. Let Nikki guide you through the aisles and show you how to read labels and quickly find healthy, affordable foods for you and your family!
This package starts with a phone call to determine your current goals. An appointment is then made to meet at a predetermined grocery store where Nikki will go over how to read and understand food labels and ingredient lists. Next in a fun filled 60 minutes she will find the most nutritious choices for the food that you eat every day and find healthy alternatives to foods that are lacking in nutrients. This session can also be done for groups of up to 4 people for $35 per person.


 Group Cooking Classes | $50 per person (3 person minimum) “My place or yours?” 😉



 Questions? Click HERE to email the nutritionist directly.

All payments received are non-refundable, however they are transferable to other services and/or clientele if original service is not used.

Holistic Health Disclaimer: All information and services provided by Veganomical Living are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of health matters intended for general well-being and not meant for the purposes of medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing of medicine for any disease, or any licensed or controlled act which may constitute the practice of medicine.