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Autumn Apple Coffee Cake

OIL FREE AND MOIST. I repeat OIL FREE AND MOIST! How, you ask? I equate this sorcery to two fabulous ingredients: aquafaba, and apple sauce. W...
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Chili Chocolate Coconut Pudding

Yes. It's as delicious as the title suggests. . . . and just as simple to prepare as well.  Two minutes of preparation, and twenty minutes of ...
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Plantastic Chocolate & Avocado Mousse / Popsicles

Make this delicious and guilt-free dessert into fudge popsicles or mousse! The world is your oyster (mushroom) - do what you see fit.   ...
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Pumpkin Spice Cake

This is a great celebration dessert, whether it be a holiday, birthday, or tea party! It's a nice, light, sweet treat everyone will enjoy - ...
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Banana Bread Bonanza

Guilt free?  Yes please! This recipe is both low fat and vegan! Banana bread is a popular treat, perfect for a tea or coffee date, as a dessert ...
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No-Bake Goodies!

No-Bake Goodies! Ingredients: • 1 cup unbleached sugar (I used coconut sugar) • 1/4 cup cocoa • 1/2 cup dairy free milk (I used ...
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