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Autumn Apple Coffee Cake

OIL FREE AND MOIST. I repeat OIL FREE AND MOIST! How, you ask? I equate this sorcery to two fabulous ingredients: aquafaba, and apple sauce. W...
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Post-Run Banana Chocolate Protein Muffins

Although I am not much of a baker, I love to make these post-run muffins once and a while. I have to say they are pretty darn great, considering!  ...
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Soy-free Tofu – say WHAT?

WHAT?! Flesh-free meat, dairy-free cheese, now soy-free tofu? YEP! This recipe culminates in a fantastic soy-free alternative to medium-firm tofu. ...
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Grab & Go Breakfast

It really is as easy as 1-2-3! Meal Prep is the KEY to convenience, portion control (if needed) and healthy eating.  These "overnight oats" ...
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Breakfast Crumpets

The key to a great plant-based egg substitute really comes down to these three things: 1) flavour (obviously)  2) texture 3) appearan...
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Fantastical French Toast

There are a few "faux egg" products on the market a plant-baser can use as egg substitutes for general cooking and baking - I was reading the ...
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Eggless Omelette

I've mastered the eggless omelette! Trial after trial, and many-an-error, I found that keeping it simple, using only a few ingredients, makes for ...
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Maple Eggplant “Sausage” Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day - this maple drenched eggplant wrap, paired with seasoned home-style potatoes really hits ...
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Ginger-Dill Breakfast Sauté

I'm always looking for new delicious ways to spruce up a healthy vegan breakfast. With the endless variety of vegetables, broths, spices and fresh ...
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Banana Bread Bonanza

Guilt free?  Yes please! This recipe is both low fat and vegan! Banana bread is a popular treat, perfect for a tea or coffee date, as a dessert ...
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