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First of all, my motto: MISE EN PLACE. The wiki definition of mise en place is “a French culinary phrase which means ‘putting in place’, as in set up.” It’s used in the kitchen,  refering to organizing and arranging the ingredients. Well, I don’t just use this phrase in the kitchen, I use it in LIFE. And you should too. Get your life in order (kitchen, bedroom, workplace… etc.) and it creates the perfect foundation for S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

Alrighty then . . . . now about ME.

HI! My name is Nikki Hurst and I am doing A LOT OF AWESOME THINGS! Let’s start with the credentials: I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who has completed the Natural Nutrition Program through Canada’s Leading Nutrition School, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I hold a specialization certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, as well as an Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor accreditation, obtained from The Health Sciences Academy. 

I am the founder and primary educator of Veganomical Living Inc. I started this blog when I transitioned from an omnivorous diet to a plant-based diet in order to share creative, nutritious, and delicious recipes with others. Instantaneously I had the knack for creating healthier plant-based versions of not-so-plant-based comfort foods.

The more I got into nutrient profiling, the more I became interested in the science of nutrition and digestion, and how I could help others live a healthy and balanced plant-based life. It was then I decided to enroll in school ; I not only wanted to guide others, but also have the education and resources to support my practice. Please note: although I specialize in plant-based diets, I am not limited to plant-based clients, so not to worry! The nutrition program at CSNN provides the education and experience so its RHNs can assist anyone in need of nutritional or lifestyle coaching, no matter what the diet or lifestyle may be. 1897955_284302755055834_1574071819_n

So what am I doing now? I am the the resident nutritionist at The Movement Studio, in partnership with YinStill Reproductive Wellness and Genesis Fertility Centre working with women pre-conception to postpartum to ensure their nutritional intake is optimal for reproductive wellness. I am a frequent guest speaker at the Running Room, giving sports nutrition talks to members of the running clinics. I have also recently joined the fantastic team at Live Kindly, where I write posts pertaining to health, wellness & nutrition. See some of my articles here.

Educated in the areas of hormonal imbalance, digestion, inflammation, candidiasis, fatigue and dysglycemia, I am firm believer in nutritional medicine, preventative medicine, complementary medicine, and the psycho-spiritual connection between mind, body, spirit and health. I am here to help you bring your body systems back to balance with nutrition.

inflammationWhat else would I like to do?  I want to teach YOU how to make plant-based meats, cheeses, buttery spreads and MORE! Group cooking classes in YOUR KITCHEN in the works, folks! Get excited.

Please check out my Services page for rates. Questions? Fire me an email! I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Eat More Plants Y’all! Your body will love you for it ….. jucie



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Photo Credit: Colin Medhurst, Feed Life