Ok. I am starting a 2 week program, to assist and monitor YOUR progress as you Beat That Bloat. Interested? Knowing that if you eat relatively healthy, you won’t have to change WHAT you eat …  just WHEN you eat? NOW are you interested?

( If you’re not eating particularly well at the moment, I can guide you through the basics of healthy eating if needed, so no worries if you’d like some tips!, tips included!)

Knowing that you can do this WITHOUT added exercise? I  bet I have your attention NOW! 🙂 OF COURSE exercise will aid in your progress, however, it’s really up to you whether or not you’d like to up your game and add some physical exercise to your program. That is your decision, and your decision alone… but happy to steer you in the right direction if needed!

Alrighty then!

You can sign up for my Beat That Bloat program for $35. That’s right, only $35! So what does that $35 get you? A personalized health and wellness plan, to help you schedule your meals in a way that works for YOUR lifestyle. I would give you a window of time per day, where you will consume your calories for the day. This entails missing one meal per day, however, if you’re only looking to Beat That Bloat, you will still eat the same amount of calories –  just give your body MORE TIME to fully digest them. This is KEY to this Beat That Bloat program.

You will also have access to my guidance for as long as you keep up this program .. which may even end up being your day-to-day. Hopefully. This can be a permanent lifestyle change. It has plenty of science behind it to-boot. It WORKS..

So. There are a few ways to do this:

Standard Intermittent Fasting – eating within an 8 hr window, fasting for 16 hrs

Moderate Intermittent Fasting – eating within an 8 hr window, fasting for 16 hrs, one day a week have one meal only

Full Intermittent Fasting – eating within an 8 hr window, fasting for 16 hrs, one day a week fast for 24 hrs

And which one you choose is up to you. You could start with the standard, and work your way up to full. As an experiment, I did this for only 7 days, and saw dramatic results in my physique. I’ll email you a before/after photo if you wish!  I’ve always had a bit of a bloat (I eat a LOT of beans, legumes & cruciferous vegetables!), but after 7 days on the Full Intermittent Fasting regime, the bloating  was GONE. And I didn’t change what I ate – only WHEN I ate. I actually added MORE calories at one point, in the form of plant fat, to keep this Belly Bloat Blast going, and not lose pounds. I am SO excited about how quickly this works, that I have to share this information!

So… I ask again. Interested? If so, click the purchase button below, and once the funds have been received, I will fire you and email to start discussions on how we are going to start this flat tummy madness.

This is about taking control. This is about Changing The Way You Look At Things … so The Things You Look At CHANGE. Let’s CHANGE your relationship with food. Let’s break the cycle. Let’s Beat That Bloat!

Deadline to sign up for this program is January 30th, so let’s get this party started. Spaces are limited! BUT if it’s a success, I plan continue this program monthly. If you have questions, fire me an email! veganomical.living@gmail.com



Looking forward to hearing from you! More about Intermittent Fasting and its evidence-based benefits HERE.



*Individual Results Will Vary (obviously)

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