Bored of your regular rice & veggie dish? Try adding a dash or two of Chinese 5-Spice! Five-spice powder is a mixture of five spices used primarily in Chinese cuisine but also used in other Asian and Arabic cooking. It’s an interesting blend that gives food a lil’ extra somethin’-somethin’. You can purchase 5-spice at most grocery stores, or you can make it yourself by blending the following spices together in equal increments: 44158




– star anise

– fennel seed

– ground pepper

– cloves


This highly aromatic truly enhances flavour. It’s not hot but is quite concentrated, so use it in small quantities.


Spice Your Rice Recipe:

– 1/2 brown rice cooked until al dente

– in a hot skillet, stir-fry 2 cups of vegetables.  In this recipe I used:

  • yellow onion
  • zucchini
  • white mushroom

– I always recommend to stir fry in either coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or organic canola oil as these two oils withstand higher cooking temperatures than other vegetable oils.

(See more on the facts & faux pas of cooking oils here)Photo1

– add in cubed tofu ( like to toss in sesame oil & liquid smoke for flavour)

– once vegetables are golden, add in rice,    5-spice (to-taste), and a few tablespoons of  tamari

– toss and serve hot!