Pulp vs. No Pulp? You know what the difference is? FIBRE. If you’re looking to up your fibre intake, blend instead of juicing your fruits & veggies. Getting your fibre from full produce is more optimal than grains, and less taxing6760 on the digestive tract. You get vitamins, minerals, enzymes & fibre from your produce and what a better way to ingest a huge dose of these wonderful nutrients, than by blending! I must say : the thing with making your own juice blends is that as soon as you suck them back, you feel IMMEDIATE results! Clarity, cleanliness, and refreshment! (plus you know exactly what you’re ingesting which is VERY important)

In this blend, I decided to use a lot of parsley. Parsley cleanses the blood and is also a natural breath freshener. I also like the flavour it contributes to juice blends – subtle yet earthy.

Photo1 (5)Ingredients:

Р3 oranges,  peeled & sectioned

– 1 cucumber, peeled & sectioned

– 1 tart apple, cored

– 1 inch of fresh ginger

– 1/8th tsp. of turmeric

– handful of flat-leafed parsley

– 1/2 cup of water



– put in vitamix (or blender of choice) and blend on high until smooth

– serve over ice

– keeps well in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours


Yield: approximately 1.5 litres depending on size of fruit used

* add more or less water to-taste