Add some rich flavour to your soup stock by adding re-hydrated mushrooms when bringing to a boil. You can usually find bags of dehydrated mushrooms in the Asian section of the supermarket. I will never make soup without them! SO tasty! Photo1 (3)

First you must re-hydrate the mushrooms, which is super easy to do:

1. Place the dried mushrooms in a bowl, with warm water to cover.

(Note:You will probably need to place a small plate, lid from a pot, or other item on top of the bowl to keep the mushrooms from floating).

2. Soak the  dried mushrooms in the warm water for about 30 – 45 minutes, until softened. (The exact soaking time will depend on the thickness of the caps).


Other options:
In a hurry? Soak the dried mushrooms in hot water for 15 – 30 minutes.
Got more time? Using cold water helps the dried mushrooms retain more flavor. However, you will need to soak them for 1 – 2 hours or, even better, overnight.

3. Squeeze the excess water out of the mushrooms. Cut off the stems and thinly slice the mushrooms (or prepare as called for in the recipe).


What to do with the leftover soaking liquid: The liquid from soaking the dried mushrooms can be used to enhance the flavor of soup or braising liquid, or added to stir-frying vegetables to prevent them from drying out. It also makes a great vegetarian/vegan friendly substitute for chicken stock in recipes. Strain the liquid through a mesh strainer to remove any grit or impurities before using.

Tip: Don’t throw out the cut mushroom stems – they’re a great way to add extra flavor to soup. Just seal in a plastic bag and freeze until needed. Photo1 (2)


After the mushrooms are ready, use them as desired. I chopped them up and added them to 2 cups of pre-made soup stock. In this recipe I added :

– 1 cup of hydrated mushroom water

–  a handful of broccoli florets

– 2 stalks of celery, chopped

– 1 cup of cubed organic tofu

– pinch of turmeric & black pepper

Photo1 (1)

Add a package of udon noodles, bring soup to a boil until vegetables are at a desired consistency (I like my vegetables crunchy so I don’t simmer for too long).


Serves 3