I found an extra large silicon muffin pan at the grocery store the other day, and decided to make a batch of mini cheddar rounds, Photo1experimenting with flavour variety, I infused this batch with dried chili flakes.


1/2 cup raw organic cashews * see footnote

1/2 cup pine nuts

1/3 cup nutritional yeast

spices of choice (onion powder, garlic powder etc.)

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp dried chili flakes Photo1-1

1 cup milk alternative

1 cup water

vegan gelatin substitute (agar agar flakes)

1 tbsp oil of choice

1 tsp miso (light or dark)

2 tbsp lemon juice



-Place nuts into the food processor or vitamix and process until the consistency is a fine grind. I have been warned that if you process too long, the mixture becomes pasty and effects the consistency of the end-product, but this time, due to the oils in the pine nuts, it was a bit more moist and turned out just fine! Photo1-2

– Add nutritional yeast and spices & mix

– In a sauce pan, bring to boil water,  milk, vegan gelatin and oil.

– Reduce heat, cover and simmer until sauce thickens. Stir occasionally.

– When ready, add sauce to cashew mixture and process again.

-Add in miso and lemon juice and mix until cheese is thick.

– Transfer to silicon muffin pan and let cool at room temperature.

– Cover and refrigerate for an hour.


This makes 6 extra large muffin size rounds of nut cheese. In the photo, it looks like 5 1/2 as I didn’t distribute the mixture evenly, but will make sure to do so next time.

Feel free to experiment with different spices, fresh herbs or minced vegetables! The possibilities are endless. I will be using this recipe for every single firm cheese I make in the future. SO excited to have mastered the proper consistency!

Photo1-4* Note: if you are not using raw cashews, pre-soak for 2 hours prior to use. When they’re raw they release more oils and are easier to process into a fine powder.

*If you don’t have time to soak, you may boil the cashews for 15 minutes instead!