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Skinny Bitch. This book claims, that if you live the Skinny Bitch lifestyle, you will, in fact, become a Skinny Bitch. Titled only for books sales (and it worked), this curt, no nonsense guide to getting skinny covers all the bases on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. That’s right, vegan lifestyle, not diet. Because diets don’t work. If you wanna get skinny, go vegan. If you wanna stay skinny, stay vegan. It really is that simple .

Although this book has a brash title, in the words of the authors, ‘there’s nothing uglier than a pretty woman that’s nasty’. So take this book title as it’s supposed to be read, eye-catching and tongue-in-cheek, because no one likes a bitch! Ok, on to the nitty-gritty ….

“Cigarettes are for losers. They’re so 1989 and totally uncool. Not only do they screw up your whole body chemistry, but they also kill your taste buds.  It’s no wonder you’re eating shit and garbage. Smoking’s out. Give it up.”


At first I was a bit taken back by the harshness of the authors’ choice of words. Right from the get go,  this scolding style method is introduced, often referring to you, the reader, as a ‘fat pig’, ‘pathetic’ and a ‘pussy’, and using phrases such as ‘if you eat shit, you are shit’, (just to name a few). After the initial shock wore off,  I quickly became accustomed to the writing style and actually found it quite humorous. How effective it would be with someone trying to lose weight though, you tell me. Some people do not respond well to negative reinforcement. There are, however, many encouraging morsels as well, and as you read on past the initial ‘cut your bullshit excuses’ tangents, you’ll see that the book is equal part naughty and equal part nice.

Please don’t let the name-calling discourage you from reading this book – take it for what it is : shock value. The science-based information you acquire alone, is very worth the read. It goes into detail about why you should and why you shouldn’t eat certain foods, the dirty truth about what you’re actually eating and the typical outcomes of a heavily meat, dairy and egg saturated diet. It also has a chapter dedicated to horror stories that take place on factory farms – testimonials from ex factory farm workers. Definitely hard to swallow, but helped me remember why I do not support these industries, and one of the main reasons why I live a vegan lifestyle. These sections are very well researched and cited if you want to dig further into their claims.

how-skinny-bitch-changed-my-life1What about the USDA and how they really don’t give a shit about your health? It’s all in the book … everything they don’t want you to know and thensome.

What I love about this book is that its bottom line is based on the premise of ‘listening to your gut’. It’s not about counting calories, it’s about reading the ingredients and then deciding whether or not you want to consume that product. Easy : read, don’t count. Got it?  And also, trust no one. Don’t buy something based on its advertisement, or if it has a little heart and stroke foundation sticker on the front,  read the ingredients. I’m sure you have heard it many times before, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! Stick to that rule of thumb (most of the time) and you will be A-Ok.

The book also offers a great section on micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), explaining what you need and what foods to find them in. There is also a section solely dedicated to weekly meal planning (my favourite) to help those new to this skinny bitch way of life, ease in to the diet. And when I say ‘diet’ I am using it in its true form, a word synonymous to ‘lifestyle’ not this only eat 500 calories a day bullshit that does more harm than good. You wanna know why? Read the book.

And POOPING – Chapter 8 is actually called POOPING : “Pinch a loaf. Lay a cable. Drop the kids off at the pool….”  Pooping. It’s great. The chapter AND the event of. Haha.

I don’t want to divulge too much information because I am highly recommending you pick up a copy of this book and dive in.  There are several very informative tidbits that can be of use to every single person. In example, did you know that brushing your teeth can actually curb a sweet craving? Or that carbohydrates are actually essential in maintaining a healthy diet? True stories.

vegetarian-vegan-food-technology-pyramidSo pick up a copy. If not to lose weight, get healthy, or expand your knowledge – then just for a clever read. It’s not long, just over 200 pages – and it’s an easy read to-boot. You’ll be done before you know it and you’ll be well-learned in the subject of plant-based nutrition and can apply this knowledge as you see fit.

I will leave you with this quote, “Instead of fixating on the last five pounds you want to lose, celebrate the five pounds you already lost. Progress, not perfection.” – I’d say that in itself is a positive and encouraging pat on the back.

If you’re in Canada, you can purchase the book here. If you are in the USA, you can purchase the book here. (or at any bookstore if you’re not an online shopper kinda skinny bitch) So GO. Buy it! And after you’ve read it, I would LOVE your input!

Thanks for reading! This is my very first book review, I hope it was informative and thorough yet to the point.

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