Green Tea – a staple in my diet. It has many nutritional benefits ; not only is it an antioxidant (which protects our cells from free radical Green_Tea_Leafinvaders) but it also has anti-viral properties. Alongside your immune system,  Green Tea can help build a great defense against illness in the body.

Why else should you drink this wonder tea? Well, it actually aids in weight loss. It suppresses your appetite while it increases your metabolism. I know it can be hard to give up your morning coffee, so don’t. Just have one, then switch to Green Tea. It has half the caffeine a cup of coffee has,  and and also encompasses relaxing and soothing effects.

So now that you know how great Green Tea is for you, there are other ways to incorporate it into your

1) instead of filling your vegetable steamer with water, fill it with Green Tea!  It will add even more nutritional goodness to your vegetables.

2) cook your rice in it!

3) use some in your soup broth! make a broth entirely out of green tea, great idea for a light udon & vegetable soup, or add it to your vitamin rich vegetable broth.

The possibilities are endless … so go pick up some Green Tea and start experimenting!